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Hologram Aluminum Blister Foil


Aluminum Foil offer security protection in blisters covering medicine pills for pharmacy industry.

There're two kind of hologram made on pharmaceutical blister foil. One is to transfer hologram onto blister foil by hot stamping foil process. Another is direct hologram embossing onto aluminium blister foil. We supply equipment and material to make both type hologram onto pharmaceutical blister foil.

Type A. To transfer hologram onto pharmaceutical blister foil by hot stamping process.

We have to make hologram master origination and produce hologram hot stamping foil first. Then we can trasnfer hologram onto foil with below rotary hot stamping machine. The width hologram area transfered onto foil can be controlled with different hot stamping cylinder.

Rotary hot stamping machine can transfer hologram strip onto paper, blister foil and plastic film. This hot stamping machine make hologram continous in reel format and transfer hologram in high speed to produce hologram paper sticker, holographic strip on security document and hologram scratch off holograms.


Type B. Our hologram aluminium foil also can be embossed by hard hologram embosser directly. This direct embossed hologram blister aluminum is not so shining as hot stamping hologram aluminium foil which is transfered from hot stamping foil. But its hologram image won't diapear or decrease under high tempreture of 200 degree.


Our hologram aluminum foil is cost-effective.

Holographic Aluminum foils are easily used on all the standard blister-packaging machines.



Below is three models of our hard hologram embosser

Hologram Hard Embosser Mold 1

New Mode Simple Narrow Web Hard Hologram Embosser with side guide or without side guide

Narrow web hard hologram embosser is designed for producing 160MM width hologram products, such as hologram labels, narrow web hologram film, hologram aluminum foil, hot stamping foil, etc. It consisted of three parts: embossing unit, heating system and control panel.

This single control panel can adjust temperature, pressure and speed very easily.

Hologram film is embossed with speed which is 1000 meters per hour.

There're three cylinders for this embosser

Transparent hologram film also is embossed fast with this hologram printing equipment.


Updated model also have side guide function which can improve the alignment when embossing.

Updated model also have side guide function which can improve the alignment when embossing.


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